Ruby Wing (Lagoon)

Ruby Wing: Lagoon (Original Collection) – It seems this particular polish has gone unnoticed.  I found Ruby Wing by accident at the local super store (not wally world).  At the time I did not have a nude as I was still in my Show Off faze.  I thought if I were to get a nude color what was the point of having long nails?  But, this one changed colors; which was new and whimsical.  I choose Lagoon since it seemed the most universal.  Which ultimately proved a smart pick (I have used it in multiple ways: as a background for cherry blossom nails; pumpkin nails; a modern french w/ the fine line black tip; and more to come).

Review:  Here are the details – – I found 2 coats sufficient to even out the coverage; but still provided some translucency (sheer appeal for a really surprising French Mani).  But a 3rd coat gave it a definitive opaque appearance.  Nicely versatile there.  It perfectly matched my skin tone.  Wow.  I seriously got lucky there.  Ant it’s SMOOTH!!!!  If there was nothing else going for this polish it is the application is fantastically smooth.  And it dries fast.  Not super fast (not one of ‘those’) but relatively quick.

By this point I was extremely happy with my selection.  Then I went outside.  Now, I put the polish on at night, so no option to take it for the outside test drive.  I didn’t have lots of faith in it, anyway – most of the color change items from my youth were rather disappointing.  I go to work really so the sun was not up.  It wasn’t until lunch when I saw the effect.  WOW!  Yep, this was a pleasant surprise.  The peachy beige turned into a rust orange.  A bit muted, so not obnoxious.  This color really is the most versatile.  As mentioned before I have used as a background and on it’s own, and even as a sheer for a French Mani.  Get two bottles – this one is good for the long hall.

Category:  Staple.  New Classic with Modern Capabilities.



Welcome to Recovering Nail Biter.  This is my first blog.  There are so many things I’m involved in it feels weird to decide to start one on a subject I am so unfamiliar – Nail Care.  It came to me though, there are so many layers to this topic; not just the fashion of it all.  There are the underlying personal issues – being able to have my hands in pictures, for instance.  My husband loves them on his back.  Then there was the professional aspect – the new found confidence, the subconscious respect I started to feel from others.  Being able to shake hands was the most obvious manifestation.  And the health concerns – I have exima; it makes my skin crack and rough especially in the winter.  I have not seen many comments regarding these issues on the internet, at least nothing more then an afterthought.  It’s odd to think there might actually be a void on the internet someone hasn’t thought of, but here I am – Blazing a Trail.

My Story:  I was a nail biter most of my life.  Then one year (last Spring 2012) I stopped.  No reason, just one day I noticing my nails growing, so I bought a polish from Avon (Absinthe). It was hell not gnawing my nails off waiting.  Especially once I realized they were there.  I think I was just so busy at the time I have no time to chomp them to the nub. In preparation for my pending purchase I found an old bottle of nail strengthener (Sally Hansen).  I started applying a coat ever night.

Anyway, the polish arrived & like a 12 yr old I opened it right away and haphazardly applied.  I had not had a colored nail polish on my nails for more than a decade.  Everyone (including my husband) told me how much they hated my first color.  But I loved it!  And soon my polish collection grew.  I choose colors by emotion, not worrying about coordinating w/ any outfit or following any specific trend.

Eventually my family & friends began to notice & soon we were having mani/pedi parties.  I bought a specific #31 Gifts caddy to house my tools.  I received nail care products for Christmas 2012.  In less than a year nails suddenly changed from being the hidden embarrassment to an unspoken representation of my confidence and creative abilities (I also make jewelry, scrapbook, & amateur photographer).  I now gravitate towards clean mature tones & have gotten over kiddie colors…though I still have my bottle of Absinthe; jbc.

My Goal:  I do not claim to be a professional blogger or nail expert.  This is totally jumping off the cliff w/out a chute.   But if I can get the conversation started I will be a success.

Topics to Come:

  • My favorite nail polish(es).
  • Techniques to paint w/out getting polish all over your finds.  I’ll tell you what I’ve tried and what worked for me.  I’ll welcome your comments / suggestions to all these posts, of course.
  • Options to stop biting your nails.
  • Responses to current trends.
  • Best Classic Looks.
  • Skin issues.   I have exima (sp?).  It was a major contributor to my nail biting.  I’ll tell you how I handle it; because it doesn’t go away, but can be managed.  there are other skin issues I’ll touch on; such as moles & warts.
  • Seasonal Issues.  Expansion of the skin issue.